Vital Statistics

Birth Day: 09/09/1957

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Gray (was brown, turned gray)

Height: 5'6"

Somatotype: Ecto-Mesomorphic (It means a little skinny guy with muscles. Look it up.)



Teton County School District #401 Driggs, Id.
Librarian Media Specialist / District Webmaster / I.E.N. Coordinator and Distance Education Facilitator / Teton High Asst. Tech Support

(Rendering technology assistance to all staff members).

THS Media Center

My school web page


Oneida County School District Malad, Id.
Head Teacher, Middle School Instructor, Certified K-8

2003-2004 3rd Grade Teacher, Malad Elementary.

2001-2003 Art/ 6th, 7th, and 8th grades where I designed, developed and implemented an art curriculum aligned with state standards and rich in multiple elements such as art history and elements of design and their principles as well as exposure to multiple classic mediums of art including various experiences with computer art including Flash MX. Currently serving on committees for the curriculum selection, development, alignment and accountability issues of my school district.

Math/ 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.

1997-2001 Head Teacher, Stone Elementary, Id. where I secured over $42000 worth of grants matched with district funds to convert a small rural school into a state of the art, technology rich, learning environment, providing a new Library/Media Center with a new computer lab accompanied with innovative educational software programs as well as other equipment such as a "Smart Board" and Data projection devices used in the teaching elementary grades of K-5.


Box Elder School District Brigham City, UT
Head Custodian

1996-1997 Bear River Elementary

1995-1996 Bunderson Elementary


1985-1992 Morton Thiokol Promontory, UT.
Transportation medium/heavy equipment operator

Transported Space shuttle materials, supplies and components.


1983-1985 La-Z-Boy Garland, UT.

Operated a ten-spindle drill press in the manufacture of reclining furniture


1974- Present: Joe's Green House Layton, UT.
General labor man (Seasonal family work with my father in law)


1977-1979 Served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission.


  1. ยท

  2. Idaho Commission for Libraries

  3. Idaho Digital Learning Academy

  4. W3C

  5. Dreamweaver Developer Center

  6. Joomla!
  7. FlashKit
  8. Internet Content for the Classroom

  9. Idaho Fish and Game

  10. Western Horseman


  • Characteristics:

    • Optimistic
    • Artistic
    • Humorous
    • Tenacious
    • Open minded
    • Honest
    • Patriotic
    • Spiritual
    • Grateful